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The Power To Choose

I’m sitting at my desk right now thinking about the many decisions we, as human beings, have to make each day. Sometimes I want the power to choose and sometimes I don’t. There are certain decisions in life that are really tough and in those moments I just wish God would send me an email with explicit instructions about what to do. I want to live in His Will. I don’t want to make mistakes. Life would be so much easier if He would just tell me every move to make.

Just as my mind wanders down this path, I’m suddenly halted by another realization. The ability to choose is a GIFT from my Creator. There are times when I get stuck in the details of life and I want to know how specific issues are going to work out, but if I can look at the bigger picture and look at my BIG God, then all of the details fall into place. He gives me the gift of choice. I can choose to walk around in bondage being weighed down by worry, fear and regret or I can choose to walk in His freedom.

God didn’t want His people to be robots programmed to love and trust. No. He wants us, as His creation, to WANT to love Him and trust Him. That’s real love. He wants us to choose to walk in His freedom. He doesn’t want us to simply be programmed for it.

I’m surprised by how many times I think so little of God.  I have such low expectations of Him.  My small mind forgets that He is all-powerful and He wants what is best for me.  If I choose God and His freedom then He will make the path clear before me.  I will know what to do in the details because I’ve already made the right choice in one of the foundational issues of life: choosing freedom in Him over bondage.

Choosing your God-ordained freedom ultimately means choosing to let go and give Him control.  Choosing to turn your back on worry and despair and live in certainty and hope.  We are certain that God is able and we have hope because of His deep love for us.  We don’t need an email from Him because He writes to us on the tablets of our hearts through His Holy Spirit.  When we keep our eyes on the bigger picture and on our big God, He makes all of the details clear.

Choose freedom, my friends!  You won’t be disappointed!

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