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About Kim & Brian

Brian and Kim Tabor are passionately living their lives for Jesus. Their unique ability encourages worshipers to come to the feet of God experiencing a renewed love for Him. God has shaped Brian and Kim for music and worship all their lives. Kim developed her singing and performing, working alongside and gleaning from artists like Sandi Patty and Bill Gaither. In the meantime, Brian became nationally recognized as a leading Minister of Worship through pastorates with large churches and leading worship for many conferences and conventions.

In 2001, they both sensed a calling to full-time concert ministry, and began traveling the country as conference worship leaders and ministry concert performers. “Music and worship are powerful tools that can be used to open hearts to the message of the Gospel,” explains Brian. “We believe that God is passionate about people and their need for fellowship with Him, and we have committed our lives and ministry to this purpose.”

“We believe that God is passionate about people and their need for fellowship with Him, and we have committed our lives and ministry to this purpose.”

Several years into the ministry Kim felt a calling; a strong heart for women and the urgency to share her own journey. “A few years ago I looked at myself in the mirror and realized something,” she says. “Even though I had a relationship with Jesus Christ, I was still weighed down by the negative things in my life. I was carrying burdens that God never intended me to carry. I was so bound I could barely walk.” Kim began to see that other women were just as bound as she was and she became passionate about sharing the message of freedom through Christ with women all over the country. Her Finally Free CD, book, and the Finally Free Conference were born.

As part of the Finally Free Conference, Kim teaches that God sets each of us free FROM something FOR something. Kim’s FOR SOMETHING is a ministry called Stripped Free. Stripped Free reaches out into the strip clubs of Indianapolis and beyond with a simple message…the women who work in the adult entertainment industry are loved, they matter, and they are worth it.

Despite their busy schedule, the Tabors remain focused. Their mission is to communicate God’s love through song and spoken word, and create moments when others can experience the presence of God. “We have seen God work in our lives and in the lives of persons we have met as we have traveled the country,” said Kim. “Brian and I are humbled that He has used us to help guide these special moments and experiences.”

Brian and Kim’s multi-faceted ministry has brought them to places all over the United States and both feel so blessed to minister to a variety of denominations. Their discography includes “I Open My Heart” (2000), “It’s Time” (2002), their Christmas project “More Than a Season” (2006), “Finally Free: Stories of Hope and Inspiration” (2007), “The One” (2007) and their newly released project called “I Found Freedom” (2017).

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