Never Give Up

KT_Head_RTTwo weeks ago my 83 year-old grandmother accepted Christ as her Savior!  I have to tell you that my family has been praying for this for years.  She recently had a stroke and although she is continuing to improve, she still can’t walk.  She’s currently going through rehab to regain her mobility.  While she was in the nursing home receiving her rehabilitation, my mom had the privilege of leading her own mother to Christ right there in her room.  I am still astonished.  Wow!  What a God we serve!  No one is ever too old to start the most important relationship of their lives.  I don’t know how long my grandmother will be living here on this earth, but it gives me great peace to know where she’ll be living for eternity.

Have you ever prayed for something for years?  Have you ever thought about giving up?  Don’t.  Don’t ever give up.  God is listening and He is working even when we can’t see it.  Psalm 121 tells us He never slumbers or sleeps.  He is always at work and I believe He takes great joy in surprising His children with answered prayers when they least expect it.

What have you been praying for?


  • 🙂 this makes me smile, alot! im not even going to be able to express the overwhelming emotions that were tied to grandma and the stroke. no matter how long we have someone, we are never ready to lose them, right? our god is so amazing. its never good-bye when a loved one goes to be with the lord. its more like “see ya later!” except, i didnt know for sure if i would see my grandma later… the following sunday i felt god tugging at me during alter call. he was getting ready to move. marian and i fasted for 2 weeks and prayed much intercessory prayer for grandma. the sunday we broke our fast was the same sunday aunt donna came to me at church to tell me grandma have given her heart to the lord. words cannot express what joy i felt. prayer works. god hears. his timing is perfect. i love grandma 🙂

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