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Merry Christmas :: God Reclaims What Is His

I recently discovered a tiny book by Max Lucado titled “Cosmic Christmas.”  I cried all the way through.  It’s a quick read and Max does in this book what he does so well in others.  He takes a story told in Scripture and adds a few details to bring the scene more into focus for us. We’ll never know if this is actually how it happened, but what if…….?  I love it when he does this because it makes me think about these well-known Scriptures in a different light.  It reminds me that there is much more going on in each of these scenarios than what I originally thought.  I want to leave you with a short excerpt from this profound little book.  What if this is how it really happened?

“The two stood facing each other. God robed in light, each thread glowing. Satan canopied in evil, the very fabric of his robe seeming to crawl.

Satan rose slowly off his haunches.  Like a wary wolf, he walked a wide circle toward the desk until he stood before the volume and read the word: Immanuel.

“Immanuel?” He muttered to himself. “God with us?” The hooded head turned squarely toward the face of the Father. “No. Not even you would do that. Not even you would go so far. The plan is bizarre! You don’t know how dark I’ve made the Earth. It’s putrid. It’s evil. It’s…”

“It is mine,” proclaimed the King.  “And I will reclaim what is mine.”

“Why?” Satan asked. “Why would you do this?”

The Father’s voice was deep and soft. “Because I love them.”

May you have a blessed Christmas as you remember the One who came and changed everything for all time and all eternity!

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