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Women’s Events & Conferences

The Finally Free Conference is something that is very special to me because I remember vividly what it was like to be bound, even as a Christian, and the day God began to set me free. The baggage, or stones in my life as I like to call them, were fear and anxiety. You combine those with a strong sense of feeling worthless and you get a devastating result. I believed for many years that my entire worth and value as a person was solely based on what I had to offer and what I did with my life. Constantly trying to be “good enough” to receive love is a tough way to live. The fear and anxiety began to rule my life and for a time even took my voice. Then one day God intervened in such a loving way and put me on this wonderful freedom journey. I remember Him whispering to my heart, “Kim, you say I’ve set you free, now it’s time to start living like it.”

A few years after this special journey began, Brian and I wrote a song titled, Finally Free, which was based on my personal testimony. The subject of God’s freedom quickly became a passion of mine as I began to share my story with others across the country during our concerts. In my travels, I was amazed to find so many others with a similar story of bondage. It was during this season of my life that I found myself on the beach in Ft. Myers, FL for a week of vacation. I have had some of the most wonderful “God moments” while walking the beach. I spent hours during that week walking by myself and just talking with Him. During one of these walks God deposited an idea in my heart and mind. I felt Him whisper something once again to my heart just like He had all those years ago at the beginning of my freedom journey. “There’s a reason I’ve allowed you to cross paths with so many amazing women through your travels. I want you to give them a platform to tell their stories and share with others what I’ve done in their lives.” My mind started racing as faces started popping into my head of women that I knew who had their own powerful stories of freedom and redemption.

This God encounter led to our CD, book and conference. God is the only One who can set a person free and He uses whatever and whoever He wants in order to make that happen. Right now we are seeing some amazing things during these conferences and we know it is not of our power, but God’s alone. We are humbled that He is choosing to use these events to impact women’s hearts to bring about transformation, not just for a weekend, but for their entire lives! We can’t wait to see what He has in store in the days ahead! For more information on the Finally Free Conference, CLICK HERE

Keynote Speaking Topics

Let’s be honest. Every woman, at each stage of her life deals with an array of trials or difficult circumstances. Our journeys can either transform us making us more like Jesus, taking us to a deeper level of trust in Him; or they can leave us feeling stuck with seemingly insurmountable questions leading to fear and confusion. What does it mean to thrive and flourish and not just survive life? How can I have the courage to follow God wherever He is leading me? How will this relationship ever repair itself? How can I find joy in the midst of deep sorrow? How can I leave my regrets behind?

Kim Tabor addresses these questions and more with her new Special Keynote Topics. All topics can seamlessly fit into whatever event you may be planning. Whether it’s an intimate setting, a fun night with girlfriends or a women’s ministry kick-off event, any one of these topics will fit right in with Jesus as the center of the message.

Take a look below at just a few of the new offerings:

Being Set Ablaze
What does it mean to live the full life Jesus describes in John 10:10? Kim talks about the difference between flourishing in life and just surviving and ultimately how to shine like a blazing light each and every day for His glory.
Courageous Calling

His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts. Courageous Calling will focus on how to have the courage to follow God and serve Him in ways that may not make sense to us. Kim will open up in a very personal way about her call to minister to women in the adult entertainment industry and how the Stripped Free ministry has impacted her life in unexpected ways.

The Art of Real Relationships
Relationships can be challenging, but we were created to need each other. This topic deals with how to have meaningful lasting relationships even though we are all imperfect people. Focuses primarily on female relationships, but touches on marital relationships as well.
Finding Joy In the Nowhere (Now Here)
This world can be very painful, yet God calls us to live a life of joy in Him regardless of our circumstances. We’ll discuss how to find an underlying sense of joy in the highs, the lows and even the mundaneness of life.
Redeemer Of My Regrets
Do you feel like you’ve fallen too far for God to reach you? Made too many mistakes to come back from? God can redeem every single regret in your life. Kim will discuss how to trust the One who is bigger than any mistake or regret you may have.
Our First Love
As imperfect human beings it is easy to lose our focus. How do we make sure God is the deepest desire of our hearts, whether we’ve walked with Him for many years or are just beginning our relationship with Him? Kim will give Biblical principles on how to come back to our first love.
Fear Not
How do we walk each day trusting the Great Lover of our souls? Whether He saves us from the fire or requires us to walk through the fire, He promises to never leave us. This topic focuses on God’s promises and His trustworthiness.